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USDC INDIA is a leading student discount service provider that brings students, colleges, universities, and local and national business partners together to provide one system of value, saving, and convenience for USDC members.

USDC has a proud heritage of making students' lives better. While the challenges and obstacles it has faced over the years have shifted momentously, the organisation's core mission and values have remained very much the same: to promote, defend and extend the rights of students.

It is USDC' ability to adapt and reinvent itself that has enabled it not only to survive, but to become one of the most influential organisations in the country, recognised and respected for its campaigning ability, its diverse commercial operations, its community and voluntary work, and the support it delivers for its members. USDC was founded in 2016, as part of a general desire for Student discounts.

KRUNAL SARDHARA, its first president, is an ex-lions member, whose experiences had given him an international outlook. He and USDC' other founders wanted to be represented in the Confederation Internationale des Etudiants, an organisation which had been formed in Prague with the aim of promoting understanding and friendship between what were perceived to be future leaders of different nations