• What is USDC?

The USDC is the nation’s leading discount program for students. The USDC Card gives access to exclusive discounts of up to 40% off at thousands of discount locations on campus, online, and at many national brand partners. These products and services drive value, savings, and convenience for students.

  • Where can I use the card?

Your card can be used to get discounts on, software, electronics, school supplies, travel, clothing, entertainment, dorm supplies, music, etc. For a complete list of all local, national and online merchants, please visit https://www.USDC.IN.

  • How / where can I get my USDC Card?

Get a USDC Card by visiting https://www.USDC.IN to complete the account information, pay the fee by credit or debit card, and be eligible to receive discounts within 24 hours after registration. After 24 hours of payment, take your E-CARD for free until receive your Digital Card with the USDC logo.

  • How much does it cost?

1 year subscription Rs. 250 + shipping

2 year subscription Rs. 450 + shipping

3 year subscription Rs. 650 + shipping

  • Is it required to participate in the free trial program?

No, it is not required to participate in the program. It is an optional service provided to all students, who wish to enjoy the benefits of the USDC Discount program FOR TRAIL.

  • What if my card is stolen or lost?

You must report a stolen/lost card to the USDC INDIA office right away. Your account will be deactivated to prevent misuse, and your account will be placed on hold until a new card is issued. A RS.100 fee will be charged to reissue a new card unless your card was damaged and you are only replacing your card. In that case, you must return the old card in order to get a new one at no cost.

  • Once I get the USDC Service, can I ask for a refund?

If students are truly dissatisfied with their USDC membership, they can contact USDC INDIA and request a refund. Once cardholders receive confirmation of the refund from USDC via email .To qualify for a refund, the membership termination must occur within 30 days after the initial purchase. Cardholders must turn in the USDC CARD before getting a REFUND.

  • Can I renew the USDC Service and how much is the cost?

Yes, you can renew the service; the costs are the same as the subscription. 1 year subscription Rs. 250 2 year subscription Rs. 450 3 year subscription Rs.650

  • Who do I call if I have questions on my usdc program?

Office staff can provide general information on the membership program, but specific information is directed to USDC INDIA at info@USDC.IN or +91 94271 35333.1